Missions, Visions, Dreams & Goals

If there’s one thing we learned from our official launch last Friday, it’s that good food brings people together. Literally. It brought 50+ people into one living room around five tables for four courses in three hours, complete with a champagne toast. It was a dream realized. It’s the combination of delicious, wholesome food and people that we love that has sparked this passion project. We want to feed people, love people and learn about people.

For those of you who may have not heard exactly what we plan to do, &Company Eats is on a mission to cook 12 dinners in 12 months for 12 interesting/inspiring/just plain cool members of our community. A year from now, our goal is to have enough material to publish a cookbook, full of our nourishing, whole-food recipes; but even more full of people – real people with real lives and stories to tell. Our blog/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook are outlets to keep you updated along the way. We hope you enjoy and learn with us. And, you know…we also hope you buy our book.


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