Small Business Saturday: Why It’s Awesome


The Saturday after the infamous “Black Friday” was, in 2010, deemed “Small Business Saturday”. This holiday was created to counter the massive amounts of money spent in big box stores on Black Friday, and shine the spotlight on small, family-owned businesses who maybe couldn’t afford to run a Black Friday ad, or didn’t want their employees to have to work through Thanksgiving night into the wee hours of Friday morning. While no one can deny the killer deals that Black Friday brings, it can be harmful and frustrating to small businesses struggling to keep their doors open.

Because &Company Eats is a small, newly founded business, we know and appreciate the hours hard work small business owners put in to providing a service for their community. It’s often more challenging than rewarding. Family time and social lives are inevitably sacrificed. But the small business owner keeps on keepin’ on – in many cases for decades! Small business is the lifeblood of character in a community. Uniformity is gross. Every town has a McDonald’s. Every town has a Wal-Mart. Every town should have a Chipotle. Chipotle is the exception. But we digress…

Small businesses deserve our attention every day of every week. The least we can do is hoist them up on our shoulders for one Saturday out of the year and applaud them for everything they bring to a community. At &Company, we do our best to purchase all of our produce, spices, etc. at small, local markets. Scout’s honor, the quality is unmatched by any large chain stores. We hope you spent some time at a local small business today. If you didn’t, make a point to in the near future, just as a way to thank the small business owners who live to keep their business (and your community) alive.


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