Launch Party

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When you begin a giant project, you have to throw a giant party to tell all of your best friends about it. That’s how we do things, at least. And so, &Company – our giant project – was given the biggest bash we could muster (on a budget, of course). It was the perfect evening with over 50 of our closest friends who came out to show us love and support, wine bottles in hand. The night was completed with the classiest of champagne toasts, red solo cups lifted high (like we said earlier, BUDGET).

We developed a menu that included an appetizer salad, a main course and two desserts, one of which we shared on the blog last week. The rest will be featured in our book. Our oh so talented friend Drew Kimble of 12eightyone Photography (seriously, check him out) captured the evening in all of it’s glory. It is with great joy and appreciation that we share what he captured. Thank you to Drew, for these magical photos; to Eric and Torrie Epperson, who were the most gracious of hosts; to our husbands, who made a surprisingly excellent wait staff; and to everyone who showed up to eat our food and give us words of encouragement. We love you all more than we can fit in this blog post. Here’s to you.


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