December, December.


December, the month of a jolly man giving gifts to all the children of the world.  Speaking of jolly people and the children of the world, we had the pleasure of starting this month off with some of the most creative, driven, and jolly people we’ve ever met. Our December dinner guests run a nonprofit organization that has empowered over 22,000 children to lead creative lives. Whether this be creative problem-solving, therapeutic art, or simply expressing yourself through art, Art Feeds is by far one of the leaders in meeting kids where they are and giving them tools to become healthy creative adults.

Meg Bourne (Founder & CEO) & Brooke LeMasters (Director of Visual Content) are two of the fantastic brains behind Art Feeds. We enjoyed these lovely ladies and their husband’s company as we ate and learned more about what they do. The food was delicious (if we do say so ourselves) and the conversation was even better. The night could have never ended and we would have been great with that!

We served Honey N’ Clove Spiced Nuts, Red Wine Triple Bean Chili, Skillet Corn Bread, and a Banana Whip with Peppermint Carob. At the end of the night we were stuffed and thrilled to have made two new friends with such big hearts for their town and the people in it.


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