Collaboration: How we do what we do


This post is pretty much going to have nothing to do with us. And we’re pretty okay with that. We’d like to share a few photos from our December dinner, and introduce to you the people who made it possible, and will continue to make &Company dinners possible for many months to come.

When we started dreaming about &Company, we knew we wanted to collaborate with talented people from our hometown. We were, however, skeptical as to whether or not they would want to be involved. Not because they are selfish snobs who don’t care to give fledgling businesses the time of day, but because they are talented and therefore busy and therefore we don’t want to make them feel overwhelmed! So… that being said… it turns out that we have been the ones who are overwhelmed. We have been the ones who are amazed at the talented people in our community willing and desiring to be a part of &Company.

Take, for example, Drew Kimble of 12Eighty-One Photography. He is easily one of the most sought after photographers in Joplin, if not the entire 4-state area. Chances are if there is something important or fun to be photographed, Drew Kimble will be there capturing everything. He photographed my wedding and I have been recommending him ever since. Not only is he dynamite behind a lens, but he is a fierce friend and was on board to photograph our dinners from day one. There is no one else we’d rather have documenting our dinners. Drew, we love you and are beyond grateful for what you bring to the table (pun very much intended).



Another one of our collaborators is one of our long-time best gal pals Ashley Snyder of Ashley Lauren Design Studio. She approached us after our launch party asking if she could do our table settings and we were like, “um, duh”. Ashley has always been a creative, making every space she designs classical and trendy but also absolutely her own. She makes it look effortless. Our dinner would have lacked the ambiance and atmosphere that made it so magical, had it not been for Ashley and her design genius. We love you, Ash, and it’s such an honor to be teaming up with you on things other than Mario Party (which is still bomb).


Finally, we’d like to thank the incredible  women of Art Feeds, who we featured in our last post and who will be featured further in our book. They were, like everyone else we have worked with, so willing and generous to give up their time to help make our dream a reality. One of the reasons we chose them for our first dinner is that we have watched Meg and Brooke pursue their dreams like champs and make Art Feeds a prominent, respected fixture in our community. Their passion and genuine joy is contagious. Their love and admiration for children and their creativity is real and they are changing lives with it, daily. In short, they are inspiring – to us, as small business developers and creative thinkers, and to a city in the process of rebuilding and overcoming. Art Feeds, we thank you for inspiring, believing, giving back and doing all of that with a smile and pep in your step.



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