Pop-Up Shop Love


First thing’s first: if you’ve completely missed out on the fact that &Company is selling product, I urge you to make your way over to our store ASAP (https://andcompanyeats.com/store-2/). We’ve compiled and are selling three options for Take & Make Meal Boxes (an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert), as well as reusable totes for all of those organic fruits and veggies you’re hauling home from the store each week. All of that being said, we can now move on to what this post is actually about, the So Fresh Pop-Up Shop!

Back in March, we attended a get together of creative women in our community. There were so many tacos. There was beer and wine. There were cookies and cheesecake and I can’t believe I forgot to mention guacamole. Naturally a wonderful time was had by all. Toward the end of this get together, a collaborative Pop-Up Shop was proposed, and for the next six weeks, our lives revolved around making said Pop-Up Shop a reality. It was deemed the, ‘So Fresh Pop-Up Shop’ and it was nothing short of spectacular.

Being a new business, we’ve actually never sold product until the Pop-Up Shop. Let us let you in on a little secret: selling product is hard. Knowing how much to order, what percentage to mark-up, etc. It’s not easy. Thinking of cute displays, marketing, figuring out how to target a customer base that extends beyond your immediate family… it’s no picnic, people (p.s. thanks for buying so much of our product, Mom). The great thing about the So Fresh Pop-Up Shop? So many people were introduced to &Company and our mission: Eating real, whole, clean food is absolutely achievable. It’s accessible (in Joplin, MO!) and not the least bit intimidating. That fact alone made our stressing and planning and nail-biting in preparation for the Pop-Up Shop SO WORTH IT!! The late nights, the cases of produce hauled from store to car (by our husbands, lets be honest) were all so beyond worth it for the simple fact that somebody prepared an appetizer, or entrée or dessert compiled of completely clean, organic whole ingredients and enjoyed it. Maybe they even shared it with family members or friends. To that we say, ‘Mission Accomplished’.

If you take nothing else from this post, please know that we at &Company truly want nothing more than for our followers, and supporters and community members to know that what we put into our body matters. And while there are seemingly so many “rules” as to what should and should not be ingested, the truth is simple: Eat what the Earth gives you. Know where your food comes from, and don’t be afraid to care. We guarantee you won’t be sorry you hopped on the bandwagon.

If you’re at all intimidated by this concept, visit our store. We have meals ready for you to order, pick up and make at home with pre-measured, organic ingredients. Then, check out our Pop-Up Shop collaborators who are creative in different ways, and offer apparel, prints, party supplies, sharable cards and the most incredible sugar cookies.

Arsenic + Lace

Muffintop Shop

Emma Made

Write It Down Stationery

Frosted Cakerie


One thought on “Pop-Up Shop Love

  1. keep chasing your dreams ladies!! The pop up shop was so much fun!! (Worth every penny!) The food was yummy and easy to prepare!!
    Hope there’s another pop up shop soon!!!


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