We are Shaylea Brown & Meghan Brossman. Together we are &Company Eats. We are Joplin, Missouri natives who are passionate about eating well to be well. &Company is our journey to combine that passion with another passion – relationships. Our goal is to create delicious, wholesome meals from real food – nothing processed, nothing refined – & share them with people. This blog will not only highlight our meals, but the stories of the people who we enjoy them with. Real food is a beautiful thing; it’s far more beautiful with companions.

We hope you enjoy our creations & are inspired by our guests.

-Shaylea and Meghan of &Company Eats


Meghan Brossman:


I think some conspiracy theories are probably legit. & Mario Kart 64 is never a game I don’t want to play.

Dream Vaca:

Euro-trip with my hubby-Spain, France, Italy…& Germany for a day of beer & bratwurst.

Favorite thing to Cook/Eat:

I love roasting whatever veggies I find in our fridge (I always hope for Brussel Sprouts) in EVOO & pink salt. Serve it over polenta & BAM! Magic.

Childhood Memory:

My friend Hayden & I would too often stand on my front porch & pretend to make music videos for Ricky Martin songs. I still think he would have loved our stuff, had we been older & had YouTube existed.

An Embarrassing Moment:

When I was about 8 years old, I threw up at the Counter of Crown Video right after renting “Babe: Pig in the City.”

Guilty Pleasure:

Cheese, chocolate, wine… all of the cliche ones. & Gossip Girl. & Chipotle.


Shaylea Brown:


Once, while tubing at the lake I was thrown off onto a rocky bank only to have my friend Grace, who was also on the tube, land on top of me. She came out scratch free, I however got 6 stitches in my left shoulder.

Dream Vaca:

EVERYWHERE. I love traveling. I want my passport to have stamps from every country in the world. Currently, my top places to visit are: Australia, Brazil, Greece, Italy, Portugal, & Spain.

Favorite thing to Cook/Eat:

All the smoothies! I realize you don’t cook them, but there is nothing better than a refreshing smoothie on a hot day.

Childhood Memory:

I have been in 3 friend-formed bands in my life:                                                                                                 Age 12- ‘White Gospel feat. Emerald Gem & Sapphire Stone’ (Meghan & I)                                          Age 13- ’25 Cent & The Infamous Dolla’ (Hayden & I)                                                                                       Age 15- ‘Penguin’ on Rockband (Ashley, Grace, Meghan, Randon (my bro), & I)

An Embarrassing Moment:

When I was about 9 my friend/sister (we were that close), Eliysha, were sledding with our older brothers (Important fact-I had a crush on one of them) & I started laughing while sledding…then peed my snow pants. Everyone proceeded to laugh & I ran about a half mile home as fast as I could through the snow. I immediately changed & then sat in my room while my mom brought me endless hot cocoa.

Guilty Pleasure:

Country Music. I am alone with this love. No family member or friend shares in the love of this joyous music, but that will never stop me.




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